Roller Coasters

Orlando is packed full of thrills for theme park lovers, but this option for my coaster list is still a surprising one. When I say Sea World, you probably think seals, dolphins, and most likely of all, Shamu, the loveable killer whale. But did you know Sea World now has a thrilling rollercoaster too? They call it the Kracken, named after a legendary sea monster that was able to strike a ship and then feast on its own sailors. The theme fits well with this roaring, Raccoon Removal Port St Lucie FL, stomach-flipping, longest, fastest coaster in Orlando. The Kracken has a very unique floorless design in which the riders sit on what can only be described as a base with nothing but the sky above, beside, and sometimes under you.

The Entertainment Industry Comes in Fourth

Universal Studios would like to alter the fact that most of us think of Disney when we think of Orlando. Besides the studio itself, which provides rides and exciting tours, Universal also offers Islands of Adventure. This park is all the excitement and visual effect of the entertainment industry plus all of the action-packed thrills of any great amusement park. The most exciting rollercoaster has to be The Incredible Hulk. The ride goes from 0 to 40 immediately and reaches even higher speeds through seven complete inversions. During the ride, the Hulk’s roar fills your ears. This park also has the Dueling Dragons coaster, which was the world’s first high-speed, dueling inverted coaster.

Tiger And Turtle, Landmark, StairsI enjoy the legendary themes behind those coasters. Apparently Apollo’s Chariot consistently makes top ten lists for steel coasters since it continues to live up to its name. Then there is the Griffon named after a mythical bird – part lion, part eagle. There’s a 70 mile per hour fall with this one, and it is in a 90-degree angle. I don’t think you are going to be considering lions or eagles by that point in the ride. Continuing their fictional creature streak, they have a coaster called the Big Bad Wolf as well as The Loch Ness Monster. This one flings you 13 stories in the air and 114 feet back down, begging the question, Who’s the phony now?

Six Flags – 2 of it’s Finest Versions – Tie for Second

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, is second in the world for the most coasters in one place, which is why it makes this list for the best theme parks in the nation for high thrills. The subject here is “Extreme,” exemplified in their new ride, X2. Apart from that, they have the Riddler, which is the world’s tallest, fastest stand up roller coaster and Tatsu, which is the longest, fastest, and tallest flying coaster. As a result, that you ride in a supine position like in real flight. De Ja Vu is another exceptional coaster at this park. It takes you forward and backwards! Hey, I believe I have been flung from this height before …”

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, New Jersey, technically has fewer coasters than its California counterpart, but this park has an unbelievable record breaker. Here you’ll discover the world record for the tallest, fastest roller coaster, which is also the one with the tallest fall. They call it Kingda Ka. Apart from that, this park as 9 other roller coasters ranked as maximum thrill and among the latest movie-themed coasters in the country. Based on the latest Batman installment, The Dark Knight is an enclosed coaster which will make you rethink your answer to the query, Are you afraid of the dark?

I don’t believe you can call yourself a coaster lover in case you haven’t been to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. This park has the most roller coasters of any on earth. They include the Corkscrew, which according to Cedar Point was “the first scream machine to span a midway.” This means that you get the thrill twice, once while riding the coaster and again while standing underneath it while others do. Cedar Point also has its own dueling coaster, as well as Raptor, an inverted coaster with six complete up-and-overs. And that’s just three of the sixteen coasters in this park ranked as high or competitive thrill. Just call me the messenger.

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