I love coffee

I will have a cup of coffee at least three times each day you see, but I’m also quite obsessive in how I go about it. If I am sitting down to watch a film with a friend, or if I’m settling down to do some work, I just can not operate until I get my cuppa. It can make any moment seem better, and it is for this reason that I just don’t feel like a minute is complete until there is a cup of coffee there. If you’re still struggling to associate with that feeling though, here’s a little ode to coffee which should help to get you on board.


Free stock photo of art, beans, caffeine, coffeeI’m not referring to the Shaolin style enlightment, but instead the enlightenment in the renaissance feel that we associate with Da Vinci and technological innovation.

Why is this true? You return in the middle ages, those living in Europe were not able to drink normal water because it was riddled to illness and this lead to only one solution – drinking purely beer so that the alcohol would disinfect the water.

That of course lead to individuals being somewhat absent minded a lot of the time and getting into a lot of fights – in short it wasn’t conducive to the development of society en-mass.

Enter hot beverages like coffee and tea, however, and suddenly not everyone is spending their whole time in the pub fighting, but instead we’re in coffee shops discussing philosophy and politics. Caffeine is not just better for you than alcohol, it’s a nootropic that may make you smarter – no wonder society began progressing!

Coffee Culture

Thanks to the internet and portable computing, more and more people are taking into the coffee shops once more to chat and work and this is where all the hip young start-ups are starting. And if you’re still stuck in an office? Well I imagine that you utilize the stimulating power of coffee to help you really get there also.

But even when we are not changing the world, coffee is still a great social lubricant. Can the TV show ‘Friends’ even exist if it was not for coffee? There’s no better feeling than relaxing in a pleasant environment with a buddy whilst nursing a hot steaming cup of coffee. And when you’re by yourself? How about when you’re getting Bee Removal Melbourne FL? Then coffee is the ultimate comfort that won’t cause you to gain weight and that is incredibly soothing thanks to the heat and creaminess.

When you get good at java there is loads to learn too, and the rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to. Happy to stay with filter coffee? Fine, but otherwise there is cappuccino, latte, chi latte… the choices are endless.

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