The Secrets to Finding an Executive Position While Still Employed

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Think Outside the “Networking” Box

There are so many distinct approaches to network today. These days, you don’t have to post your executive resume bio online to get work. The hidden job market is the best way to go about running a secret job hunt. By networking at professional events or via LinkedIn, you can learn about jobs you didn’t even know were available. Even being involved in your community may lead to new opportunities, so being active can move your job search forward as well.

Be Careful When Using LinkedIn

You obviously want to use LinkedIn when looking for a new occupation. However, updating your setting first is vital. If you don’t have your LinkedIn settings updated appropriately, your connections may be able to see every change you make. Chances are your co-workers, or even your bosses, might be included in your LinkedIn network. You definitely do not need them to see your update, your resume, or profile to indicate you’re looking for a new job. When you’re working on your LinkedIn profile development, alter your preferences to ensure the wrong people don’t see any changes you’ve made.

Strictly Confidential

So you need to keep matters confidential. As mentioned, the best executive resume writers understand how to effectively make a resume confidential. By using the term”confidential applicant” rather than using your name, you’ll avoid showing up in your present employer’s search for a new candidate. Also, not using your organization’s name anywhere on the resume is important. These are only a couple ways that you can create your resume private, and a possible employer will understand why you’re doing it.

Don’t Use Company Time

This looks like a no-brainer but needs to be said. Job searches shouldn’t be done on company time. If your present boss finds out, there’s a chance you might be fired. And if your prospective employer finds out you are conducting your search on company time, they may think you’ll do the same to them and not offer you a job. Do yourself a favor and just send out your executive resume bio when you’re not on company time.

Professional Resume Services is here to help you conduct a private executive job search. We have the very best executive resume writers to help you in this area, so that you can feel confident sending in your resume to prospective employers. Don’t hesitate to reach us out anytime if you need other secrets to pulling off a confidential job search.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence at Work

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It has also been observed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making analytics more productive and efficient at workplaces too.

Enterprises expect considerably more data to be made in the years to come as compared to data generated today.

It’s thought that AI is now beginning to enter workplaces and corporate associations, and this change has made leaders revisit their business processes and functions. Nowadays, startups are adopting AI technology to reduce manpower, enhance work efficiency and save time. AI can generate insights, provide virtual and remote assistance, and analyze unstructured data created by everyday devices. Experts predict that more than 62 per cent enterprises would begin implementing AI applications in some manner by the end of 2018 and a significant reason for this are a lot of benefits AI has provided to the enterprises.

According to a survey by Demand foundation, about 80 per cent of decision makers predict that AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020.

AI together with neural networks decode different data right away, and make sure a perfect solution is put at the decision maker’s fingertips. The information being generated is always being upgraded, which also means the machine learning models also will be updated at regular intervals. The enterprises would be able to get up-to-date data – breakthrough insights — that can be useful for rapidly changing business environments. Here are just three most important ways in which AI benefits workplaces:

1. Quicker decision-making with more assurance: What if something goes wrong with the production plant in your business, what would you fix first? I am sure most of the workers working on this plant would be clueless. In such instances, AI aids the maintenance team to determine what to fix first with confidence, as AI would automate and line up the decision-making procedures for the care team.

2. Obtaining insights from Big Data: An exciting opportunity after implementing AI on your office is AI’s ability to comprehend and understand patterns in Big Data that people can’t.

3. Protecting sensitive information: AI enables elimination of human error which in turn helps improve output quality and strengthen cyber security.

A noticeable difference has been seen in the roles of employees, after installation of AI. More focus is given on managing and on implementing strategic initiatives and at exactly the exact same time analytical tools automate and scale data to facilitate better conclusion.

• Creating new technologies related occupations: A report by Truly predicts that there is an increase in demand for employees with AI skills over the last few years. When there’s lack of job seekers who can fulfill that need, it makes the skills more valuable for people who possess them.

According to a Digital Ocean report, 26 per cent of programmers are using AI-based tools in their work processes, and about 81 per cent are keen in getting educated about the automatic tools.

The same study also found that in 2016 around 5,190 workers perished because of workplace accidents. About 14 percent automation could be saving lives as high as approximately 3,500 per year by end of 2030. Hence, instead of thinking how AI is taking away jobs, it is time to think how many toxic jobs humans will not need to do in the days to come.

These were some ways that you can step up your companies using AI. What are your thoughts about AI? Have you implemented it on your business, already?

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Office Furniture

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Office furniture has to be functional and must compliment the working atmosphere of a company. Therefore, haphazard choices to buy any furniture may prove wrong in the long run. Consequently, in this post, we’ll discuss a detailed buying guide for office furniture for corporate and small-scale offices.

These factors play an important role in Ormond Beach Wildlife Removal the right furniture for your workplace:

Suitability: The furniture is always selected based on the nature of job done or carried out in the office. Therefore, furniture utilized within a factory office will be different from those used within a corporate office. The best way to select suitable furniture is to choose an adaptable design that can cater to multipurpose uses at work.

Cost: Next comes cost. The cost of the furniture must always be reasonable and affordable within the limits of their budget. Overspending must be avoided while purchasing office furniture and frivolous spending on unnecessary facets have to be avoided. As an example, expensive chairs with all types of ergonomic features like cushioned chairs, leg rests, etc. are usually not necessary. Rather choosing a chair that has durability and relaxation within affordable costs is the best choice.

Durability: Office furniture has to have a long life. The right mix of fittings, materials and production process determines the durability of office furniture and thus forms an important element in the selection process.

Ergonomics: This is the most important component of office furniture. Ergonomics determines the comfort by which a worker will operate throughout the day inside the office. The performance of an employee is directly proportional to the relaxation he experiences in the workplace.

Style: Office furniture has to compliment the interior ambience of a workplace. Elegant and tasteful designs often create an alluring aura that makes a pleasant feeling of elegance and status quo into an office. With this proper planning is essential where the appropriate combination of design, color and form would bring out the latent ambiance of a workplace.

Space saver: Office furniture must be compact and comfortable. It must not be bulky and must be easy to move round also. Being compact saves a lot of room and helps to utilize maximum space thus accommodating more workers per square feet area.

Finish: The finish of the furniture must be smooth. As an example, instead of using screws and bolts that have a protrusion, countersunk bolt/screws must be used so the surface of the furniture stays smooth and does not injure the user. Glossy finish creates glares and must this be avoided. Rather, matte finishes are desirable. Wooden furniture has a longer durability than metal furniture but it has to be treated with proper chemicals to prevent fungal growth. Glass topped furniture must have rounded edges to prevent any injury to employees. Such facets that can potential impact the comfort of people are considered while selecting office furniture.