The Secrets to Finding an Executive Position While Still Employed

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Think Outside the “Networking” Box

There are so many distinct approaches to network today. These days, you don’t have to post your executive resume bio online to get work. The hidden job market is the best way to go about running a secret job hunt. By networking at professional events or via LinkedIn, you can learn about jobs you didn’t even know were available. Even being involved in your community may lead to new opportunities, so being active can move your job search forward as well.

Be Careful When Using LinkedIn

You obviously want to use LinkedIn when looking for a new occupation. However, updating your setting first is vital. If you don’t have your LinkedIn settings updated appropriately, your connections may be able to see every change you make. Chances are your co-workers, or even your bosses, might be included in your LinkedIn network. You definitely do not need them to see your update, your resume, or profile to indicate you’re looking for a new job. When you’re working on your LinkedIn profile development, alter your preferences to ensure the wrong people don’t see any changes you’ve made.

Strictly Confidential

So you need to keep matters confidential. As mentioned, the best executive resume writers understand how to effectively make a resume confidential. By using the term”confidential applicant” rather than using your name, you’ll avoid showing up in your present employer’s search for a new candidate. Also, not using your organization’s name anywhere on the resume is important. These are only a couple ways that you can create your resume private, and a possible employer will understand why you’re doing it.

Don’t Use Company Time

This looks like a no-brainer but needs to be said. Job searches shouldn’t be done on company time. If your present boss finds out, there’s a chance you might be fired. And if your prospective employer finds out you are conducting your search on company time, they may think you’ll do the same to them and not offer you a job. Do yourself a favor and just send out your executive resume bio when you’re not on company time.

Professional Resume Services is here to help you conduct a private executive job search. We have the very best executive resume writers to help you in this area, so that you can feel confident sending in your resume to prospective employers. Don’t hesitate to reach us out anytime if you need other secrets to pulling off a confidential job search.

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